Q. Is VC accredited

Yes! – Vaughan College (VC)  is a private high school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.VC Students receive their high school diploma and graduation certificate that is recognized by all the universities through-out the world.

Q. What type of school year?

Vaughan College is a semester school. We typically have two semesters in an academic year namely, the fall semester from September to January and the winter semester from February to June. Vaughan College also have two summer school sessions in the month of July and August.

Q. Is the tuition fee At Vaughan College affordable?

Yes, Vaughan College offers very affordable tuition fee which enable families to fulfill their desire to see their children flourish in a private school .There is additional charges for uniforms, textbooks, laptop, stationary, field trips and busing.Our reasonable tuition fee enables to make your dream come true at a considerably low cost.

Q. What is the class size?

We envisage keeping a small number of students in each class. We endeavor to maintain teacher student ratio at:  1 : 10 to enable the teacher to provide individualized attention to each child.

Q. Do you provide sibling discount?

Yes, the second and third sibling is allowed 10% discount on the tuition part of the fee.

Q. Does VC school provide Provincial Examination and other tutoring service?

Yes, we offer  grade 10 provincial exams (OSSLT) conducted by the ministry of Ontario as well as prepare students for AP, IB, ICGSE/ ASCI

Q. What other services does VC offer?

At Vaughan College we also offer credit courses to high school students from other schools and tutoring services in all subjects for all school students starting from grade 1 – 12. Please call up the school or visit for more specific information.

Q. Does VC help students with University applications?

Our guidance department assist students with individualized selection of course subjects keeping in mind the STEM and BTM subjects that a student decides to focus post-secondary school. Frequent communication with parents and teacher along with the student is the key to assist them in selecting their career in university. Our goal is to assist each student through active involvement in all areas of their lives. During the school year, students are given guidance with the college/university application process. As well, university and college representatives will be visiting our campus throughout the year to speak directly and candidly with the graduating students.

Q. Which universities do VC students continue their post-secondary education?

We are proud to announce that most of our students go to UFT, Western University, McMaster, Queens university, Wilfred Laurier, University of Waterloo and manymore such as  international universities as well as some students prefer to go to colleges, namely, Seneca, Humber and Centennial etc. for specific technical and specialized courses.