Why choose us?


VC is a creation of a group of ex- principals, and teachers who have nurtured their talents and efforts to bring a thorough and unique educational advantage to the city of Woodbridge. Approved by the Ontario Ministry of education, Vaughan College prides in providing excellence in high school academics to students since September 2010. The staff and management make all efforts to nurture the needs of every student and help them succeed in high school and beyond to become confidant and respectful individual.

Enriched curriculum

At Vaughan College we aspire to provide enriched curriculum and challenging activities to all able students.
Students At Vaughan College get an opportunity to receive dynamic academics with many choices to explore. Every child is given an opportunity to discuss and debate in a given framework, brainteasers and puzzles are integrated in the curriculum which are more suitable and enjoyable in the school program. We provide a huge emphasis on continuity in a child’s academic performance by providing a planned, realistic and achievable program.

International examinations preparations:

AP Courses – Vaughan College offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses since it is in line with our aim and philosophy of the school. Students are given an option to choose from one or more courses that provides an opportunity to study at the highest level. These courses are designed for highly motivated students who want to learn about certain subjects in more depth, and who want to demonstrate to potential universities and colleges their willingness to take on academically rigorous courses. AP courses are subject to a standardized test scheme, and students can choose to write the Advanced Placement Examination, which means students may earn a university credit or advanced standing at certain universities and colleges across Canada and the United States. Students can decide in grade 11 to make a decision on whether or not to enroll in AP courses. Available AP courses may include Calculus, English literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer science and more. For more information on how Canadian universities transfer AP credits, go to www.ap.ca

Cambridge examinations

At Vaughan College, students are prepared to appear in the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), which has 3 levels – IGCSE/ AS & A level examinations

Students can apply to most of the universities with five IGCSE and three A level or six AS level qualifications, which allows students to fast track.

After School Tutorials & Individualised Attention

Studying At Vaughan College means students have the opportunity to take advantage of after school tuitions FREE of Charge. VC teachers provide these services based on the tutoring schedule.

The staff At Vaughan College believe that student can succeed given the proper tools and encouragement Learning At Vaughan College is based on an individualized learning program that is tailored to the needs of each student and is based on the latest research findings and changing needs. At Vaughan College we understand each child is unique and has individual needs and children react and respond to different ways of learning.

Affordable fees

VC works for the community and has provided reasonable fees so that all parents and students can take advantage of studying in a small environment which is focussed and attentive.


Students attending VC from grades 7 through 12 are welcome to apply to write scholarship entrance exams. Successful students are awarded $1000.00 to $7,000.00 toward next year’s school fees.