Credit Courses Woodbridge

At Vaughan College private high school we offer day school, night school and summer school credit courses in a variety of subjects to help students complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and proceed to post - secondary education. Our guidance officer will help our students and provide remedial measures for High School Graduation. Our students have the benefit to individualized their learning. Students have the benefit  of learning in small classes. Our students are taught to successfully fulfill their dreams.

Night School at Vaughan College for Woodbridge and Brampton school students

Students from other high schools can take courses at Vaughan College night school  in a small setting. Students can either fast track their courses or improve their grades.  Our Night School Courses begin in the evening at 4pm. Classes are scheduled twice a week.

Summer School at Vaughan College for Woodbridge and Brampton school students

Vaughan College summer school offers high school credit courses during the months of summer in order to  reach ahead in the regular academic school, and, or decrease course load and  improve grades.Students  have the opportunity to upgrade their high school marks by concentrating  just on one subject. Summer School  also provides last opportunity to many of the Grade 12 graduating students to upgrade their mark to seek admission in University for September Classes of the same year as summer. Please click here to APPLY NOW We offer flexible schedule. CLICK HERE  to see the LIST OF COURSES that you can choose from.